30 Effective LinkedIn Headline Examples for Meaningful Connections

So, you think you know what a LinkedIn headline is. But, do you really?

Technically, it’s the text that lives below your name in the introduction section on your LinkedIn profile, which typically reads something like “Strategist at Company X” or “Analyst at Company Y” maybe you’re even “CEO at Company Z”. You get the gist, right?


Whatever your headline contains, it’s displayed each time your LinkedIn profile pops up in someone’s search result. The question we’re asking you to consider: How does reading someone’s title assist anyone in making a meaningful connection with them? It makes the task difficult, right?

no more boring headlines

Newsflash! Times they are a-changin’ and gone are the days of boring headlines containing your generic title at so-and-so company. Welcome to the world of creative expression and provoking thought. Ensure you stand out from the crowd with a witty, personalized headline.

To help you out, we’ve put together a short list of a few eye-catching, click-worthy LinkedIn Headlines.

Examples to Spark Creativity

  1. Helping business leaders make marketing happen.
  2. Inspired full-spectrum thinker telling brand stories and driving digital transformation
    through strategy, words and design.
  3. Bossy people are my favorite people to collaborate with. Let’s make it happen.

    Sarah Kotva

  4. Helping Busy Business Owners Win Back Time and Freedom
  5. Explosive insight research and training for activist CMOs // Helping you be smarter, retain staff, and change the world faster.
  6. Naturally adaptive and curious professional building meaningful and diverse connections

    Belinda Brown

  7. Digital Marketing Guru and Dog Enthusiast
  8. Words for the Relentless | Unimpressive Runner and Gardner
  9. As an amateur horologist I’ll never be late to the party.

    Jason Bradbury

  10. Crafting powerful sustainable brands so they can kick-ass
  11. Should have Played Quidditch for England
  12. My super power is eliminating stress with a spreadsheet, check list or even yoga. Whatever it takes!

    Aryn O'Donnell

  13. Just call me a clairvoyant lighthouse: a forward-thinking problem solver, inspirational, indispensable, and always excited for a challenge!
  14. driving shopper growth through applied behavioral science
  15. Retired bedtime storyteller, currently building relationships in Ag and Animal Health

    Mike Monstransky

  16. Motivated by a to-do-list. Taking suggestions on how to find the balance between my love of yoga and chocolate.
  17. Helping clients get a behind-the-screen view of their shoppers
  18. Marketing + Operations Leader @ MDRG || Wannabe yogi building businesses through insight & experience. Namaste.

    Stephanie Douglass

  19. Critical thinking coupled with outspokenness – a gift or a curse
  20. Insights devotee and voice of the consumer with a penchant for purple and pink hair.
  21. I’m a Career Futurist, Creator of The Opt-In Equation & Ambition Guide for the Future You

    Joanna Bloor

  22. Creative problem solver that is passionate about helping + empowering others. 
  23. Number 1 consumer of dog videos on TikTok … oh and also I do marketing for folks impatient to change the world!
  24. On a mission to tackle social injustice through explosive insight research. 

    Patrick Olszowski

  25. Leveraging Research Technology since before it was cool
  26. Working on the family farm where we harvest rich data from digital insights.
  27. Social Media Padawan, Probably Going to Barnes & Noble Later

    Emma Nicolls

  28. Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little
  29. Social butterfly and unashamed pop culture fiend
  30. Aspiring Lunch Eater

    Priscilla McKinney

Time for a Headline Makeover!

Whether you’re working on becoming a thought leader through social influence, networking (here are some tips) or looking for work — a quirky LinkedIn headline allows you to stand out in a crowd. Even better, you’re providing your next potential connection a quick, insightful first impression that they can use to create a memorable interaction!

So, what will your new LinkedIn headline be?



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