Advertising Balloons – A Pioneering Marketing Gadget

Poets would often look up to the skies for inspiration but with advertising balloons gaining ground and becoming oh so popular, it seems that looking at the skies will be daily occurrence for poets and everyone else.

Indeed, one cannot blame people from craning their necks. Advertising balloons are attention-grabbing and eye-catching. This is because this kind of advertisement is a novelty. Besides, anything that flies is interesting for people.
Most companies use advertising balloons as a first-line of offense in marketing. Because of its novelty and shock factor, it is a great marketing tool to use when you are introducing a product.

Advantages of Advertising Balloons

1. Big
An advertising balloon can be seen miles away and even if one cannot make out the name of the product being advertised, one will surely be curious enough to turn around and really see what is flying over the horizon. This is a great way to reach a wider set of audience. You can reach people who are plying the streets of the metro as well as the highways. You can reach people within office buildings as well as those that work outside.

2. Unique
As mentioned previously, advertising with a balloon is still a novel concept. Because of this, advertising balloons are more likely to catch people’s attention and not only that, because of the novelty factor, they are more likely to be retained in people’s minds.

3. Branding
Who says an advertising balloon can be shaped in just one way? Actually, specialized advertising balloons that are shaped like the product being advertised may also be used. This way, one do not have to actually see the product name from miles to know that what is being advertised. This is a great way for branding and creating awareness about the appearance of the product.

4. Mobile
Unlike other forms of advertisements such as print ads, TV ads or billboards, advertising balloons are mobile. It is not fixed in just one vantage point. Although it can be tied so that it would not drift away, advertising balloons can be seen from different directions.

5. Cheap
It may not seem at first but advertising balloons are actually cheaper than billboards. And for something that reaches a wider audience as compared to billboards, which are fixed or magazines, which cater to a specific target market, advertising balloons are well worth your advertising expenses.

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