Choosing the Right Social Media for Your Business

The finest social media sites for companies, including Facebook and Instagram, have evolved into crucial tools in the arsenal of today’s marketer. Customers are using these platforms to interact with their favorite brands and discover new companies. However, most businesses – especially small ones with limited marketing resources – can’t be everywhere at once. Because of this. it’s crucial for businesses to choose their social media sites carefully in order to establish a presence. The ideal social media platform for your business will be the key to a successful social media marketing strategy.

Criteria For Choosing the Best Social Media Platforms: 


Choose social media platforms based on where your audience is located

You must understand your customers in order to pick the greatest social media platforms for your company. You must specifically understand who they are and how they use the internet.

Think about it:

    • What social media platforms are they using?
    • Why are they using those social media platforms?
    • How do they prefer to receive information about your type of products and services

Choose Social Media Platforms that are Specific to Your Content Type

There are two types of content – Macro content and Micro content.


Macro-content is long-form, BIG-picture content. The three different types of Macro-content consist of video, audio, and written information. Consequently, the optimal social media sites for publishing macro content would be:

  • Apple podcasts for audio
  • YouTube for video
  • WordPress for lengthy blog posts


On the other side, short-form, easily digestible content is known as Microcontent. Consider Microcontent as the photographs you see while scrolling through our Instagram feed or the succinct, amusing tweets you see on Twitter. The various sorts or micro-content social media platforms available today include:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Limit the Number of Social Media Platforms You Choose to be On

Avoid overextending yourself by attempting to use every social networking platform available. Every social site is an artistic medium. Before you think about including more social media platforms in your plan, you should first become an expert on a few of them.

Not every platform in the world needs to be used

Facebook has 2 billion users

Instagram has 1 billion users

You can achieve incredible commercial success if you can master just one of these platforms. Building a strong presence on various social media sites takes a lot of time and money. Setting up a profile and hitting “publish” on a post are not sufficient. Typically, you will need to budget some money for content promotion. Also, you must examine the metrics to decide whether or not your content/material is effective.

Therefore, as a small business with a tight budget, focus on one or two key areas at first. After that, think about utilizing other mediums. Okay, so those are the considerations you need to make as you choose the best social networking sits for your company. MCDA will now discuss a few specific platforms to aid you in selecting the ideal platform for your business.


Facebook is not the newest and “hippest” social media platform. However, the truth remains that in terms of users, it is still by far the biggest social networking site. Over 2 billion people utilize it each month.

Best features for your business

Facebooks focused digital marketing platform makes it one of the greatest social media sites for businesses. You may target people who are most likely willing and read to buy your goods or services through Facebook ads. This makes sure that your company’s advertisement content is seen by the appropriate users at the appropriate time.

Facebooks social media ecommerce connections are another factor making it one of the top social media platforms for businesses. Customers can easily make purchases from your business on Facebook thanks to the social media network. It only takes a single button click to complete a transaction. Brands may now communicate with customer though Facebook messenger thanks to Facebook. Additionally, you may use this to send Facebook platform-based shipping updates and other order alerts.



Instagram is another platform that feels like it’s non-negotiable. Perhaps it is because Facebook owns it, or perhaps it is because it has an additional 1 billion users.

Let’s look at the demographics to see if Instagram will be one of the top social media sites for your company. Instagram will work wonders for you if you’re trying to reach a younger audience. Instagram is used by 67% of all young adults under 30 and 72% of all teenagers.

Basically, in order to succeed, people are idly scrolling on Instagram. To get people’s attention, you’re going to need to be extremely engaging. In the end, Instagram is a fantastic platform or reaching a wide audience of customers.

Best features for your business

Instagram’s ability to let you communicate your brand’s narrative through original and interesting visual material is one of its best features. Instagram, in contrast to other social media sites, places a strong emphasis on visual content, including photographs and video.

Instagram stories is a fascinating feature that has some potential usage. You may record live videos on Instagram stories and broadcast them to all of your followers. This function makes it simple to communicate significant news and updates with your followers as well as behind-the-scenes film of your company.

Instagram has a similar direct messaging feature to Facebook. Customers can benefit greatly from using this as a tool. For illustration, suppose a customer finds you on Instagram and inquiries about your goods or services. No longer do they need to call or visit your website to get an answer. Instead, customers can message you directly on Instagram, which enables you to respond to queries and issues right away.


LinkedIn began as a social media site focused on business and jobs. It is teeming with experts from a variety of industries, particularly B2B businesses. Currently, LinkedIn claims to have just over 300 million active monthly users. Therefore, it has a 4 times smaller audience than Facebook and a 2 times smaller audience than Instagram. This information is actually related to the news feed, which is a key feature of LinkedIn. The newsfeed on LinkedIn isn’t as competitive as those on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Because of this, companies may communicate with more of their contacts and followers without spending money on marketing.

Best features for the business

The fact that LinkedIn users are business-minded is one of this social media platform’s best features. This indicates that they are frequently receptive to networking possibilities and suggestions on how to enhance their productivity or make their task simpler.

The prospects for digital advertising on LinkedIn make it one of the greatest social media networks. Despite the fact that LinkedIn may be more expensive for digital advertising than Facebook. B2B brands can connect with people in the target industries thanks to this advertising opportunity.

Similar to this, LinkedIn lets you send advertising information to people in positions where they influence purchasing decisions. Users of LinkedIn can join and take part in groups based on their industry, job function, or professional interests. This offers marketers a fantastic chance to promote genuine engagement with influencers and decision-makers from various industries.

Ultimately, LinkedIn is for you if you work with businesses or professionals. It should undoubtedly be among the top contenders for the social media channels that your company should use.


Twitter is one of the top social media channels, with an average of over 330 million active users globally. A real-time social media network is Twitter. It is comparable like texting the entire planet. Additionally, it’s one of the only social media sites where you don’t need a ton of videos or pictures to stand out. Up to 280 characters can be used in a tweet, giving you plenty of room to create a message that is brief, to the point, and clear.

Additionally, the character restriction forces you to be original in what you actually say. So, what are the precise Twitter statistics? These are them:

Twitter has more than 330 million active users, which is comparable to LinkedIn but far less than Facebook and Instagram.

Best features for your business

Twitter can help brands connect with and involve their audience. You can follow and take part in conversations using hashtags about hot topics in your sector.

Using hashtags will help you connect with more Twitter users who could be interested in your material. In order to increase your audience, your company might benefit from issues that are popular right now.

For businesses that wish to present digital adverts to their target clients on the social media platform, Twitter also provides advertising chances. Depending on your specific aims for digital advertising, they have a variety of ad styles available. You can promote a tweet from your business that will appear in the user’s Twitter feed or promote your account, which will appear in the left column.

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