Don’t Have Money For High Priced Advertising? Use Article Marketing Instead!

The concept of article marketing has been around for ages even before the internet has been discovered. It has been used by publishers to get free content from contributors in exchange of free advertisement. This saves both publishers and entrepreneurs ample amount of time and money.

Today, entrepreneurs, especially those who don’t have the money to shell out for their advertising cost, are relying heavily on article submission sites like EzineArticles dot com. They post their articles to these sites in exchange of free advertisement or publicity for their website or products.

Here’s how you can explode your article marketing:

1. Use keywords or popular search terms all throughout your articles. When writing articles for the web, you need to understand that people search for information using keywords or key phrases. Your goal is to identify these terms so you can target them on your content. By doing so, you can easily make your articles fare well on relevant searches. Before you tap on your key board, consult a keyword suggestion tool first that can help you determine the most common terms being searched by your potential clients. Ensure that you strategically place these terms on your titles and all throughout your article body.

2. Don’t be a keyword abuser. It is very important to understand the acceptable keyword density. You cannot use 100 search terms in a 300-word article if you don’t want it to sound funny. Experts suggest that you limit the number of your keywords to 3% of your total article word count. That would mean, you can use a maximum of 15 keywords in a 300-word article. By doing so, you will not only make your articles search engine-friendly but reader-friendly as well.

3. Deliver quality content. The use of keywords will not do the trick. No matter how keyword-rich your articles are, if they don’t offer your readers with good content, your chances of getting these people to click on your resource box is very slim. Remember, your goal in writing your articles is to let your readers feel that you are the best answer to their problems and that you are really good on what you do. So, ensure that your articles are useful and informative.

4. Build links for your website. Don’t forget that you are distributing your articles to build inbound links for your website. So, ensure that you use anchor texts or absolute URL on your resource box. Ensure that you tell your readers the benefit that they can get once they click on those links to boost your conversion rate.

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