Make Your Internet Marketing Promotions Almost Unbeatable With This 100% Free Marketing Tool

Although I’m not a big fan of “image” advertising on the Internet, I am a big fan of personality or “identity” advertising.

Reason why is because every brand, every product, every service has a distinct personality whether you know it or not.

And one awesome way to start punching up your Internet marketing ads another notch or two (as far as response goes) is to start combining your personality with your offers.

Why does this work?

Because of the simple fact that if you can get your product’s identity — and not just your offer — into someone’s head when you are trying to sell to them, they will respond differently to your offers than if you don’t get into their head.


Because when people are exposed to your personality, they will feel like they already know something about you. They will feel more familiar with you and what you’re selling. Even if they have never heard of you before, and even if they have never heard of your product before.

And that familiarity makes the chances of them buying from you go straight up almost 100% of the time.

Reason why is because people like people and places they are familiar and comfortable with. We don’t like buying from complete strangers. We like to buy from people we feel like we already know and trust.

Many politicians have this down pat.

It’s why some politicians with little or no campaign money can rocket to the head of the polls after one appearance on television. Because people feel like they know him or her.

And it’s the same with your ads.

Try it yourself and see.

Inject a personality in your ads — combined with your offer. I think you will find your personality to be one of the best and cheapest marketing “tools” you can use.

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