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The Mystery of Sex Transmutation combined with Network Marketing and Business.

Napoleon Hills’, Chapter 11, this is an area I comprehend without question. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman, maybe because I am aware of and understand my own inbuilt intuition. My husband often doesn’t get why I pick up on ‘vibes’ people put out. Take for example his boss. The first time I met him was a surprise visit to my husband, so I was more tuned into my husbands surprise at seeing me, I just didn’t quite get what his boss was thinking.

Subsequent visits, things my husband has said that happen at work, social gatherings – this man portrays the good host, outwardly for all to see he is ‘nice’. I know this man is threatened by my husband – not physically, but mentally. My husband knows things this man doesn’t, won’t take advice or suggestions, because he perceives that to be a weakness. As time goes by, my husband now sees what I see; it has helped him tread the waters differently.

Transmutation of sex is the same. Look at all the advertising on TV – a lot of it, actually most of it is around sex, because advertises know that SEX SELLS. Look at your corporate workforce. Front of Office Receptionists are lovely, slim, attractive young woman, how many businesses do we know that has the ‘plain Jane’ or middle aged or Senior Receptionist. Men believe that people want to see ‘beautiful’ people; they believe a ‘beautiful’ person fronting their office perceives SEX which equals SUCCESS.

TV programmes are the same, especially Middle America soaps; Desperate Housewives, The Practice, Grey’s Autonomy, Boston Legal, House, ER the list goes on; the stars of the shows are attractive people.

Susan Boyle, Britain’s Got Talent – should this women win – watch out for the makeover, she couldn’t possibly be left as she is, her looks won’t sell. This maybe harsh, but remember when she first came out on stage – everyone was shocked, this odd looking woman can’t /couldn’t possibly sing, they were waiting to boo her off the stage because she didn’t have the ‘look’.

New Zealand, our Prime Minister for nine years, Helen Clark. If you saw this woman when she first started her political career, to what she is now – some men still think she’s ‘beautifully challenged’. She has changed her dress style, makeup, hair. She listened to her advertising people, took their advice and upgraded her appearance. People, namely men, still ridiculed her for her ‘looks’ more so than they did her political views.

Barrack Obama and his wife, Michelle – the main focus of his inauguration; what his wife was going to and what she then wore. SEX SEX SEX – beauty sells and is seen as successful. The UGLY, IMPERFECT is seen as a detriment.

When Hill wrote this book, advertising by comparison from then to today has changed hugely but it was still there. How people portrayed themselves, used their sexual energy and translated it into riches really is no different. Man is man, you are the hunter, woman are the gatherers. We stand by our men as long as they get us. As Hill says men who understand Sex, Love, Romance will achieve success as long as they use it all appropriately.

I believe what Hill is saying and trying to make us aware of, is all about your own self perception. If you see yourself as worthless, less than, not ‘beautiful’ then this is what you project and transmute to the outside world. Having belief in you is the first thing one needs to develop. Make the most of what you’ve got. Short people wear heels, tall people wear flat. No matter what we should project proudly who and what we are SEXY SUCCESSFUL POWERFUL we are PERFECT JUST THE WAY WE ARE; PROJECT IT – TRANSMUTE IT.

I know peoples perception of ‘cleaners’, whether they be office, domestic, self employed or employees to be – poor, low socioeconomic. Remind yourself of the cleaners that we see daily as we go about our business in shopping centres and malls.

Scenario; A prospective client, needs cleaning work done at her house. Throughout the discussions she mentions that her current cleaner is leaving because she now had a ‘real’ job! Hmmm…her perception is what…that cleaning, earning money cleaning houses, operating a cleaning business is not ‘real’ work, not worthy, not successful, yet she requires the service.

To overcome this we have to transmute to the world self assurance, pride, knowledge and know how of what is to be done, then when we see these people we won’t be thinking – poor them they are just cleaners, we will be thinking, good on them, doing a job well, earning money, they are successful, intelligent people.

Network Marketing is the same, how many of you out there, stumble, try to organise your thoughts when people ask ‘what do you do’. Wait for the other person to ‘figuratively’ speaking run a hundred miles in the opposite direction. To be successful in this world you have to ‘get over yourselves’. No one has a problem saying; I’m a clerk, office worker, cafe attendant, receptionist, manager, CEO, secretary or retail assistant. The same is to be said for network marketing too, being honest with yourself first makes it easy to be honest with the world.

Learn how to transmute positive sexual energy and you will understand how to move forward, create your plans and then reap the bountiful rewards that you so deserve.

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