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The POLITICS of EMPOWERMENT in American Business

When we first launched the Social Capital section a few months back, our intention was not only to honor well-intentioned CEOs who were doing business right, but perhaps even more importantly to inspire other CEOs to do the same. However, we also wanted to shine a light on the tremendous power and potential of CAPITALISM to improve the lives of the greatest number of people and to make the world a better place when done right.

There is no greater example of that power and that potential than CEOs who flat out make that their goal with their employees – to help them not just to do their jobs more effectively but to live better and more complete lives even if it happens beyond and after their tenures at the company.  Or in the case of their customers, to improve their lives and their sense of self-worth and satisfaction in

COVID-19 Has Upended The Small business Design Of American Legion Posts, But Legionnaires Are Innovating

The conference halls and lounges of American Legion posts throughout the region serve as a community hub for veterans and their households. But throughout the pandemic, numerous have had to shut their doorways to retired services members hunting to grab a inexpensive consume or hire out the hall for an event.

That has meant a huge hit to some posts’ bottom line.

On a current Saturday evening, comic Scott Shimamoto thanked the audience for coming out to a comedy night time in the parking good deal of Monterey Park, California’s Write-up 397.

The bodily distanced outside show came finish with a stage, emcee, DJ, and taco stand.

“I know it truly is been tricky for them due to the fact they’re employed to obtaining a big viewers right here and possessing their buddies, veterans,” explained John Padilla, who served manage the event. He is not a veteran, but he’s been