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Female farmers survive a challenging year

“It is not how successful our business can be as the bottom line. The bottom line is how successful our business can be and support our employees’ families and our community,” said Afton Darnell Roberts. “I believe that comes from being a woman and understanding all that goes into a job and your work life.”

Afton farms in Swain County on family land going back generations. Her father always encouraged her and told her, “This is a woman’s world. You can accomplish anything.” She helps manage a thriving, diversified farm business while meeting the needs of her staff and consumers during COVID job loss and market uncertainty. Darnell Farms launched a home delivery program to meet the demand of folks wary of shopping and who may be homebound.

Resiliency is being able to recover from tough situations, says Tarinii Isner. Tarinii and her family are in year four of their

MOGU Announces Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2021 Unaudited Financial Results

HANGZHOU, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov 30, 2020–

MOGU Inc. (NYSE: MOGU) (“MOGU” or the “Company”), a leading KOL-driven online fashion and lifestyle destination in China, today announced its unaudited financial results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2021 ended September 30, 2020.

“In the post-COVID environment, we were glad to see our KOLs have leveraged strong supply chain in China and delivered another strong quarter for MOGU Live.” said Chen Qi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MOGU. “We believe that MOGU Live is our best response to the structural change in the fashion supply chain landscape in China. Manufacturers’ best products and rapid manufacturing capabilities can be digitalized and presented to our consumers in the most immersive and interactive fashion. Looking forward, we will remain dedicated to providing the best fashion shopping experience to our consumers.”

“We continue to invest in user engagement and conversion and our active MOGU live

The 2021 Pizza Power Report: How Pizzeria Operators Can Thrive in the Coming Year

By Rick Hynum

Looking back on 2020, it’s hard to tally up everything that went wrong. The pandemic cast a gloomy shadow over the nation, while civic unrest heated up and spilled into city streets. Wildfires raged across the western United States. Beloved heroes, from Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Herman Cain and John Lewis to Little Richard and Kobe Bryant, shuffled off their mortal coils. We even lost Eddie Van Halen, for heaven’s sake. And then there were the hurricanes—so many hurricanes.  

The news wasn’t that much better for many in the restaurant industry. While politicians in D.C. bickered and postured over COVID-19 relief packages, municipal and state leaders faced well-nigh impossible choices for dealing with outbreaks. At a loss, they resorted to ofttimes draconian restrictions and lockdowns that put a choke hold on restaurateurs already barely getting by on the thinnest of margins. Many stores planned to shut their doors

Here are 8 light displays bringing seasonal sparkle to the Houston-place this holiday break year

The time of lights, holiday procuring and caroling is upon us and some of the city’s most lavish light shows have returned to unfold some Xmas cheer.

Below are 8 lights displays bringing seasonal sparkle to the Houston-area this holiday season.

Professional shows:

Galaxy Lights at Room Middle Houston

The holiday getaway exhibit, dubbed the “most technologically highly developed mild exhibit in Texas,” is made up of a number of indoor and outdoor mild displays composed of hundreds of hundreds of lights. Some of the shows incorporate a substantial-tech kinetic gentle clearly show that includes hundreds of suspended LED orbs that move in shift in choreographed sequences to getaway tunes, as very well as an LED light-weight tunnel, a simulated indoor meteor shower, a enormous design of the photo voltaic program, and a 40-ft tall,100-ft very long shooting star made from LED lights.

When: The exhibit is open up to