Video Marketing Is Free Advertising

Video marketing is a breakthrough in free advertising. The second largest search engine is YouTube after Google and gets easily over a million viewers a day. It’s clear to see why video marketing is an effective and simple tool for advertising. The best part is it’s free, that’s right.

There are a few different ways to create your videos. You can use PowerPoint that has many different designs and tools to make your video look the way you want. Adobe Flash and InDesign also create very unique videos but can also be a little overwhelming with all the options and tools offered. If you have a photo editing software it can be very fast and easy to create a slideshow. These software programs can assist you in making any kind of videos you want for promotion from fun to professional.

Your videos can be slides of photos, either royalty free pictures from the internet or ones that you have taken yourself. They can also be slides of just a plain background with text. Another way to create a video is to record yourself. You can use a digital camera, a digital video recorder or a webcam. If you plan on using this option it’s probably a good idea to invest in some video editing software. YouTube does have a great video editing tool if you don’t want to spend the money. They allow you to upload several videos and piece them together into another video. You can also add audio and music to any of your videos. When figuring out the content for your video you want to make sure it makes sense with what you are promoting. It’s very important that you use keywords or tags. I recommend using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to do some keyword research on what you are promoting and use those in your tags so people can find your videos easier. This will also help with search engine ranking.

After you have created your video you want to upload it onto as many sites as possible. You cannot upload the same video to the same site more than once. There are many places to share your video including your own website, blog, landing pages, sales pages and video sharing sites like YouTube, Metacafe and lots more. Remember that millions of people could see your video so think about what kind of reputation you want and the message you are conveying.

Video marketing is simple, free and can be fun as well.

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