Why the Princess Cut Engagement Ring is the Best Fit For Your Loved One

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

The princess cut engagement ring is on its way in becoming one of the best loved engagement rings for couples of all ages. From its wonderfully made cut that shows elegance yet modernity, the princess cut is best if you want to showcase a diamond’s brilliance and fire. 

Choosing the princess cut as an engagement ring is an excellent choice as the cut is a combination of several diamond cuts into one. The princess cut is best known as a square diamond with pointed corners and an inverted pyramid as the base. 

The princess cut looks both modern yet classy if couples do not want to pick the usual round brilliant diamond. With many designs to choose from, from a traditional classic setting, to a modern band, in any style or design you want, anyone who receives a princess cut engagement ring will be happily satisfied by its beauty and brilliance. 

What is a Princess Cut Engagement Ring?

The princess cut can also be called the square modified brilliant or the rectangular modified cut. In order to distinguish the princess cut engagement ring here are features to look at. The princess cut is a square shaped diamond. Due to its shape, it has a stunning brilliance and fire when hit by light. 

The princess cut usually has between 50 and 58 facets, depending on how the diamond is cut by the maker. The princess cut can have two to four chevron patterns as well and the more the chevron patterns the more scintillion the diamond has, as a result, when the diamond moves, the diamond shows little flashes of white and colored light. 

Why You Should Give Your Loved One a Princess Cut Diamond Ring

  1. Popularity

The princess cut is on its way to becoming one of the most popular diamond cut rings in the market today. While the most popular ring being the round brilliant cut diamond ring, the princess cut diamond is now way less loved and adored by many who love the timeless yet chic look of the princess cut. 

An excellent choice that is also popular is the diamond princess cut solitaire engagement ring with the diamond princess cut in any carat as the sole center stone. 

  1. Price

The princess cut is an excellent choice if you are shopping on a budget as they are less expensive than the round brilliant diamonds and other diamond cuts available. For example, a 1-carat princess cut diamond ring can cost up to $2,970 and when buying a brilliant round cut, it can cost more than 40% of the price. 

When buying any diamond ring of any cut, the price of the ring will largely depend on the Cut quality, Color, and Clarity grades. 

  1. Sparkle

If your loved one loves sparkle and shine then the princess cut diamond engagement ring is the ideal ring. Due to the way it is cut from the original rough stone, the princess cut diamond ring can give off a high level of brilliance, which means there’s a huge amount of white light reflection or “sparkle.” 

If sparkle and shine is what you need then consider buying a 4 prong princess cut solitaire engagement ring, for the classy yet modern look at an affordable price.

  1. Hiding inclusions

The princess cut diamond hides inclusions, meaning the diamond’s imperfections or flaws very well because of its many facets and deep shape. 

Why are Princess Cut Diamonds cheaper?

The princess cut diamond is known to be cheaper per carat when compared to their counterpart in terms of look and popularity, the round brilliant diamond because the princess cut uses more of the original rough diamond when being manufactured. 

The princess cut is made from high quality diamond crystals that makes it for a rough cleaning process to form the princess cut. Of course, the price could go up when the carat size goes up and the diamond has a higher clarity and color grade. 

In comparison, the princess cut can use 80-90% of the rough diamond when polished when the round brilliant diamond cut will use only around 40% thus, less waste, more affordable and more cheap compared to other diamond cuts.