Work Life Balance For the Nigerian Worker

As very hard working people, no doubt, do we consider the possibility that routines wear people out and work-life balance is an important principle that needs to be imbibed by everyone.

These days life expectancy of the average male is getting shorter, more people especially men under the age of 40 are dying and for the same reason – extremely high blood pressure and hypertension leading sometimes to aneurysms (where an artery in the brain bursts). This is unfortunately the awful truth and although we do need to put food on the table, of what use is it when we cannot be present to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Work life balance is simply what is says balancing your work and your life. Sorry to disappoint you but your work is not your life and vice versa. If God forbid, you drop dead today, the work will continue because there is machinery in place for continuity and no one is really indispensable.

It’s time to re-evaluate our priorities, take time out to smell the roses. Yes you are young and probably elastic; however you never know when the rubber will snap.

Admittedly work can be tough, you may have a difficult boss, or the politicking is getting to a head, your team mates are back stabbers and the rat race just seems more difficult.

Regardless of these, enjoy life, enjoy your one hour lunch break- although you think the work can’t wait, it really can. Maximize your time; make sure you finish all your tasks by the official close of work and shut down. Avoid taking work home with you, enjoy the company of your wife/ husband and children, do things to make them smile, have healthy arguments to stimulate your mind, yes, enjoy the love that radiates from that awfully important support system called family.

Scientific studies show that people who have a great family life are more relaxed and productive, the joy they have shines through and impacts in their work making them high performers, with little chance of them burning out.

Life is all about setting goals, achieving them and enjoying the outcome. Spend more time with your family, be spontaneous, do something for yourself- if you’ve always been so selfless, reward yourself, go out watch a movie, be silly, laugh, get a massage, travel.

One last thing, never, ever skimp on your yearly vacation, it may be your only chance at detoxifying and rejuvenation, if you don’t observe your vacation and take leave, you’d only have yourself to blame.

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