What Are The Amazing Advantages of Video Advertising?

10 Advantages of Video Advertising

About 90% – 95% of marketers think that video advertisements are an effective marketing strategy that entices viewers to find out more about your business. Additionally, videos for brands are loved by 80% of viewers. Therefore investing in video advertising is always a great option. Below are some advantages that video advertisements can bring to your business:

Videos have a greater CTR. (CTR)

The CTR for videos is 7.5X More than the display advertisements. Videos are a more engaging way of communicating with your public.

Videos Help You to Demonstrate How Your Product Works

Videos are a great way to convince people how the product is beneficial to them. Not only that, but it’s also a great way to explain how your product functions.

Videos Help You Reach a Larger Audience

People from all over the world love sharing videos with relatives, friends, and acquaintances. In the end, video marketing can reach an even larger audience and increase brand recognition. Additionally, it’s an effective way to get your company’s name placed in front of many potential customers.

SEO Friendly

Many search engines, including Google, are known to prioritize videos over other kinds of content that they offer on their sites. In turn, your business will gain an increase in website traffic and lead conversion through this.

Videos are a Cost-Effective Way to Gain Attention

In contrast to traditional media, platforms on the internet like YouTube as well as Google are considerably less costly than traditional video advertising platforms.

Videos are Sharable on Several Platforms

By giving your company global exposure, videos can help you beat your competition. Videos can be shared on virtually every platform from Instagram to Google and even are available on every device, including mobile phones and connected televisions. In the end, your brand’s reach extends to every person on earth beyond your local audience.

Videos can help your brand launch new Products.

Videos on your homepage that explain your product could be a great way to advertise your latest product. If you’re hoping to take your company to the next level, you’ll require an authentic video, one that provides details regarding the item.


Marketers can often choose whether they want to force the customer to watch the entire ad, or whether they should be given the opportunity to skip the video. However, it costs a lot more to force the viewer into watching the entire advertisement, and it will be beneficial for some companies. It can alienate certain audience members who feel frustrated by the inability to click away from an advertisement.

Video Ads are Limitless

Video advertisements are not limited to a specific format. The digital universe is practically limitless. Marketers can design and build ads in rich media formats which include URL links, expandable banners, and call-to-action.

While google & other platforms are increasingly focus on video, its best to extend your advertising capability to video format which can be used in several video channels, its best to develop specific videos for each platform as the content available on these platforms vary in terms of format, length & visuals for more useful information on everything Amazon FBA visit our blog Zonbase.com.