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EPOS: Audio tech plays a significant part in company efficiency, per new investigate report

EPOS. The corporation states it is “an audio and video resolution corporation developing and marketing units for business enterprise professionals and the gaming community”, and that “based on foremost and state-of-the-art systems, the Danish-started enterprise provides large-finish audio and video clip remedies with design and style, technologies and performance as paramount parameters”.

Dependent on its declare of revolutionary audio technologies, the organization states it strives to unleash human opportunity by perfecting audio activities and providing impressive structure and effectiveness with all of our audio solutions”.

So, with the company’s dedication to audio distinct as a bell, and a company that is presumably quite very good at listening, hearing about the audio brand’s most up-to-date report on excellent audio unquestionably pricked up my ears.


The thorough, 16-page PDF report entitled: “Quality Audio: A Sound Investment”, which is freely downloadable immediately after free of charge registration

Business should adopt Black Friday thinking as a permanent part of their business

By Opinion Nov 23, 2020

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In recent years, the Black Friday sales that have long been a part of the retail landscape in the United States and Canada have steadily gained popularity and traction in many other parts of the world, including South Africa.

For most consumers in this country, Black Friday sales are little more than an opportunity to enjoy some great savings and deep discounts on a variety of products.

It’s especially useful given the opportunity it presents for consumers to stock up on affordable festive season gifts for friends and family.

However, the benefits of the Black Friday phenomenon are even more significant, and valuable, for businesses, giving them an opportunity to significantly bolster sales revenues and, in many cases, manage and reduce inventories by moving stock that may otherwise have languished in their storerooms.

These bottom-line